Erotic Pursuits

“…If a man has gone astray in the interesting, who is to save him if not a girl?  And does she not do wrong thereby?  Either the person referred to is unable to provide it, and then it is tactless to ask it, or he is able, and then…For a girl should be careful never to evoke the interesting; the girl who does always loses as far as the idea is concerned, for the interesting can never be repeated; she who does not do it always triumphs…”

~ Constantin Constantius

“…even I have at times felt quite uncomfortable while busying myself with these papers in the still of the night. It was as if the seducer moved like a shadow over my floor, as if he threw a glance at the papers, as if he fastened his demonic eye on me and said, ‘So, you mean to publish my papers! That is in any case indefensible of you; you will cause anxiety in the little dears. But then, of course, you think in return to make me and my sort harmless. There you are wrong. I shall simply change my method and then I am even better placed. What flocks of young girls will run straight into my arms when they hear that seductive name, “a seducer”! Give me half a year and I shall provide a story more interesting than everything I have experienced up to now. I imagine a young, vigorous girl with a sharp turn of mind getting the remarkable idea of avenging her sex on me. She thinks she can coerce me, give me a taste of pangs of unrequited love. That’s the girl for me. If she doesn’t make a good job of it herself, I shall come to her aid. I shall writhe like the Mols people’s eel. And when I have brought her to that point, she is mine.’ …”

– extract taken from the preface of Either/Or by its editor: Victor Eremita


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