Silly Umbrellas

α… My prized sterling silver Malacca Prince of Wales never forsakes me; it did that only once.  It was during a terrible storm;  I stood all alone on Mass Ave, forsaken by everybody, and then my faithful umbrella turned inside out.  I was at a loss as to whether or not I should abandon it because of its faithlessness and become a misanthrope.  I have acquired such an affection for it that I always carry it , rain or shine; indeed, to show it that I do not love it merely for its usefulness, I sometimes walk up and down my room and pretend I am outside, lean on it, open it up, rest my chin on the handle, bring it to my lips, etc… Ω

α…You ask me what I do in the world—answer:  I amuse myself—what do you think of that?  I know very well that my occupation is the opposite of most other people’s, but then at least I’m not bored. Ω

αI imagine you so vividly—my confession of love cannot disturb you—You do not know who I am—I do not know who you are—and yet there can be an understanding between us, and every time I see a pretty femme I think that she perhaps has read it, she perhaps has felt a faint shiver—and I ask whether.. .Ω

αYou are beautiful, my dear; your lips, what health they breathe, your eyes, how shining, how pure.  When you open them, it’s like a dark cloud hiding the moon and now suddenly disappearing,  and the moon’s radiance becomes twice as bright, because the cloud has polished it….You become angry with me, although wrongly so, since you do not know how guilty I am—I prefer to begin with a girl’s being angry with meΩ

αShe wears sorrow and not just the apparel of sorrowΩ


αAnd at times she nevertheless knelt before me and stretched her hands up to me!Ω